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Heck yeah nice game tho, i loved it! congrats ^^

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME IS SUPER WELL DONE!! The sounds, the graphics, the player movement it all feels super crisp. Really good job!

Thanks a lot! We worked really hard on it. Glad you enjoyed! Let me know your best score, or if it was too hard to beat :)

Good stuff. I liked how you had to rush to the exit while also collecting all the coins you missed. Maybe I'm just bad at this but the bouncy platforms felt a little wonky, I spent like 2 minutes trying to get maximum height on one to get a rainbow coin. But other than that it was a really fun game. Great job.

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To use the bounce platforms you just hold jump/dive (so no timing involved). They use your downward momentum to bounce you up, so a bigger jump = a bigger bounce.

I Appreciate the feedback! I should add more text hints to explain it better in-game