v1.1 Now uploaded with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Game only show gamepad button prompts, so here are the keys for mouse & keyboard users:

Mouse click to shoot
WASD or arrows to move
E or Enter to open Dex
U to upgrade (When available)
Shift or Space to boost (when unlocked)


Welcome to Catch Em' Corp! Get out there in your company issued van, and round up some wild monsters. Shoot capture balls from the mounted turret and scoop up as much wildlife as you can!

Perhaps if you bring in enough cash, you can afford some fancy upgrades to pimp out your ride.

There are 16 unique monsters to hunt down, so get to it!

Made for Curdle Jam #28 by CurdleGame, Mr_Afroduck & StraightUpGruntled


Catch Em Corp v1.1.zip 45 MB


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Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! Glad you enjoyed the game 😊

You can reach me at: mrafroduck@hotmail.com


Really liked this game, very creative and totally not inspired by pokemon.

The monsters designs are cute and funny, same for their descriptions.

Only criticism I want to say is the fact that I found the final boss a little too annoying to fight, since the barrages of shots were difficult to doge, given the mobility the player has.


Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoyed it! I'll make sure to easy up the attack rate and accuracy of the boss. I defintely got carried away with the second phase ramp-up😅