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"You foolish human... you really think you can stop me, an all-powerful genie?! I will emerge from this one-room space you call a 'lamp' without the need for you to place your pathetic hands upon it, and I will be free permanently! I will destroy the world!!!"

Your mother always told you the oven is no place to store things like padlocks and rubber bands, and now you're going around rubbing magical lamps and bringing about the wrath of evil genies! The world is going to get pretty ruined if you don't find a way to seal up that magic lamp by any means necessary!

Use the mouse to click on furniture around your one-room apartment, and drag whatever you find onto the lamp to try and delay the genie from breaking out of his tiny prison!


programming - Godot
sound effects - Audacity


HannBanans AKA Banana Blush Studios
pixel art - Aseprite
music - Jummbox


Font: "Alkhemikal" by jeti on DaFont (public domain)


After finishing the tutorial, the first furniture object you click will sometimes not open. If you move to a different furniture item or different opening on the same piece of furniture, it will fix itself :D

Sometimes, in the downloaded version, the cursor's light does not cut through the darkness of the room. This doesn't happen every time, so usually, if you lose and retry or restart the build altogether, you can usually make it work as intended.

Due to the use of threads in Godot, some browsers such as Firefox may be unable to load this game. If you run into this, please switch browsers (preferably Google Chrome) or try the downloadable build!

Feel free to submit feedback by joining HannBanans' Discord server!


Djinnpocalypse.zip 18 MB


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great job on the game! I enjoyed needing to open things like the oven and cupboards to find things. it was fun and easy to play. great art too