Keep the factory operational and make as much jam as you can! Team up in 2-player split-screen to maximise your jam output!

Harvest fruit, and ship jam to increase your score! Keep the plants watered to keep more fruit growing. And also keep an eye on the power generator, as you'll need to get it restarted promptly if it cuts out. You have 4 minutes to ship as many jam jars as you can!

Features 3 characters, each with different stats. Afroduck - who is fast and can jump high, but weak at throwing and can only hold 4 items. Gruntled - who is slow and heavy, but can carry a mighty 10 items at once. And last but not least: Curdle - a skilled all-rounder (carries 6 items).

Supports both keyboard and gamepads in both single player and split-screen modes.


Jam Factory 17 MB

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